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The Powder Coating Paint produced in the Zigma Paints Pvt. Ltd. are excellent corrosion protection coatings, which protect the surface along with excellent surface finishes such as glossy, semi glossy, satin, matt, structure, texture, metallic, antique, etc., They are highly resistant to corrosion. On top of it, they are environmentally friendly with no solvents. They make a perfect solution for every application, and in many industries their importance is increasing every year.


Powder Coating Process

Powder Coating Paint is a pollution-free, VOC-free, eco-friendly and economical method that applies a durable long lasting finish to your components.

It ensures that they look good in new look with high quality finish.

Powder Coating Paint is a process of putting powder coat on the surface. The Powder Paints material is applied to the surface using electrostatic devices.

With charge, the powder has the ability to be able to stick to the surfaces.

The fine powder is blown to the surface using this electrostatic method.

Therefore, the surface will be all-round coated, making sure that all the sections are coated.

Powder Coating Paint

To avoid peeling of the film from the surface, it is necessary to find a way for the powder to have good adhesion to the surface, this is done by the proper pre treatment of the surface.

Powder Coating Paint can be applied as a comparatively thicker coating for better protection which is a big advantage. Electrostatic charge also provides better coverage for irregular shapes, assures that each nook and corneris preserved. There are also many finished options in a Powder Coating, such as clear, plain color, metal or texture, so it allows for creativity like liquid coating, but gives a uniform finish without a run downs which are present after a liquid coating. The only problem with these choices is getting overwhelmed with your choices; But experts can help you find the best combination for your project.


Advantages of powder coating :

  •   Powder coating makes the product.
  •   Attractive
  •   Very Efficient
  •   It is More Durable
  •   High quality finish
  •   Protecting the Environment
  •   Resistant to chipping, scratching, chemicals, fading

Applications of powder Coating?

    Powder coating is mainly used for:

  •   To coat fencing and at the construction industries
  •   To coat bare metal products like auto parts, display frames, light fixtures, patio furniture, store and warehouse shelving.
  •   To coating of metals, such as household appliances, aluminium extrusions, drum hardware, automobile, motorcycle, and bicycle parts.
  •   To create a hard finish that is tougher than any kind of conventional paint.
  •   To coating commercial applications
  •   To coating architectural applications including metal and aluminum composites

Solutions for your problem

The success of Powder Coating Paint in Zigma paints Group has been further enhanced by continuous innovations, better formulations, knowledge and advanced technology, so today we provide specialized coating systems for the wide area of application.

Zigma Paints Pvt. Ltd. is producing Powder Paints for all product categories. Not only Powder Coating Paint but also Epoxy Polyster, Pure Polyster, Pure Epoxy, Epoxy Powder Coating Paint, NC Thinnery, Epoxy Thinner, Epoxy Primer Paints, Synthetic Enamel Paint, Pu Polyurethane Thinner Paint products developed by Zigma Paints are highly demanded.
We understand a great product and enhances the position of our market through standardized, tailor-made and efficient solutions with excellent technical support.

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Powder coating is a dry finishing process In which coating is applied as a free flowing dry powder. Ground particles of pigment and resin are sprayed onto products. The parts to be coated are electrically grounded, so that the charged particles adhere to them until melted and fused into a solid coating in a curing oven. This creates a skin, which has hard finish.

  • Powder coating does not have a liquid carrier, SO it can produce thicker coatings than conventional liquid coatings without running or sagging.
  • Most powder coatings have a particle size in the range of 2 to 50 μ (Microns).
  • Softening temperature Tg around 80 °C, a melting temperature around 150 °C, and are cured at around 200 °C.

Powder coating is available in a various textures, formulations, shiny, colour shades. The most common polymers used are polyester, polyurethane, epoxy-polyester(known as hybrid), straight epoxy (fusion bonded epoxy) and acrylics.

Mild steel, galvanized and electroplated steel, aluminum, stainless steel and other steel alloys are used for powder coating.

First of all the part is washed and pre-treated with iron phosphate and rinsed again with de-ionized water and sealer. After it is dried in a dry off oven. Then powder is charged by an electrode which creates an ion cloud. The powder particles pass through this cloud and collects a negative charge. Since the parts are ground to the conveyor there is an electrostatic attraction of the powder particle to the part. The parts now enter the curing oven where the powder melts, cross links, and bonds to the surface of the part. Once the parts exit from the oven and gets cool the process is complete.

Its Depends on the availability of the materials required to process lead time may vary But usually it takes 2-3 days.

Powder coated Surfaces are less likely to scratch, fade than paint. and are more resistant to wear and tear over time. Powder coating is also more environmentally friendly than liquid paint. Durability of Powder coating finish last much longer than liquid paint.

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