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Zigma Paints Pvt. Ltd. provide best quality NC Thinner. Recommended for NC, synthetic, quick drying paints & primers. A mixture of high quality solvent mixed in set and accurate ratio. When used gives good flow, drying and gloss properties. NC Thinner is a water white in colour having good aromatic odour.

We have 3 type of NC Thinner

  •   Slow evaporation
  •   Medium evaporation
  •   High evaporation

NC Thinner contains an average evaporation. When applied in normal conditions of temperature and humidity, NC Thinner has an average evaporation rate for all nitro products. NC Thinners quickly reduces paint viscosity for the required degree. It either improves the sprayability of the film of lacquer, either applied by spray or dip to eliminate sagging, no blushing, pinholing and other surface defects. After the evaporation of NC Thinner, the orange peel is not developed and hence smooth film is achieved.

Benefits Of NC Thinner :

  •   Imparts high gloss thus provide excellent finish
  •   Improves spraying of the paint.
  •   There is no problem of odour, and there is no irritation in the skin even with long period of use.
  •   Quick-dry property
  •   Smooth Finish
NC Thinner
NC Thinner

Application Of NC Thinner :

  •   Used to impart gloss in auto, refinish paints,/li>
  •   Wood lacquers
  •   Printing inks
  •   Leather/tannin industry
  •   Nail polish removers.
  •   Adhesion on metals and plastics.

Delivering Quality Products & Services For Over 25 Years

Zigma Paints Pvt. Ltd. always uses of world-class material and advanced tools and technology. Zigma Paints Pvt. Ltd. It is one of the leading companies in the field of paint and coating in India and is one of the leading manufacturers of NC thinner in the country. Not only NC Thinner but also Epoxy Thinner products developed by Zigma Paints are highly demanded. With over a decade of experience and backed by an experienced team, we have become the leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Nitrocellulose Thinner widely used in the paint industry in India. The NC thinners we manufacture are available in different packing such as barrels and tankers as per the requirement of our customers. We manufacture Paint Thinners in India with the most affordable prices which are highly appreciated by our existing clients.


NC thinner is refer as Nitro Cellulose thinners, used for solvent based nitro products. Super grade NC THINNER based on a mixture of esters, glycol, aromatic solvents and ketones, provide a suitable diluents to all nitro products. It is manufactured for reduce lacquers before being utilized in different methods.

  • - Low Odor
  • - Quick drying
  • - Excellent Wear
  • - Improve Smoothness
  • - Purity
  • - Durability
  • - Accurate Composition

Clear Transparent

Paint Thinner has very high content i.e 99% Ethanol which helps to maintain viscosity of Paint.

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