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Established in 1992, Zigma Paints (P) Ltd. has carved out a name for itself in the list of top suppliers of all types of thinners, coatings & paints in India. We are ranked among reliable manufacturer, distributor and supplier of pure quality Etch Primer paints in Nashik, India.

Zigma Paints (P) Ltd. We have been involved in manufacturing and offering high quality products of etch priming paints for many years.

2K etch primers

High Quality Etch Primers :

To meet the ever-changing demands of our valued customers, we are bringing forth the promised quality 0271 Zigmalac® 2K etch primer. For those parts, for parts repainted with enamel-based paints, the etching-primer is applied immediately after the metal part has removed the old paint and dirt. This not only protects the metal from flash rust due to oxidation but also prepares the surface for the final paint coat

Etch Primers are also known metal primers composed with a combination of resins to maximise adhesion to the various metal surfaces on which they may be used. A low level of phosphoric acid is present in these primers to etch the metal surface and improve adhesion. It is also known as WASH PRIMER and referred to as metal conditioners

0271 Zigmalac® 2K etch primer is a chromate-free metal pretreatment. The 0271 fast provides a very fast drying and barrier coat that replicates bare metal substrates made for extra topcoat. This type of primer is most often used to provide excellent coating and adhesion to aluminum, galvanized and bare steel surfaces.

Highlights : 0271 Zigmalac® 2K etch primer

  •   Non-sanding
  •   Exceptional adhesion
  •   Exceptional rust resistance
  •   Performs as tie coat Gallon
  •   Available size : Quart, Gallon
  •   Easy mix ratio of 1:1 by volume
  •   Superior corrosion protection
0271 Zigmalac® 2K etch primer

Advantages :

  •   Excellent water and alkali resistance.
  •   Resistance to mild acids.
  •   Excellent weather and water resistance.
  •   Very good resistance to solvents.
  •   Adhesion to many substrates.
  •   Fibreglass sheets, Aluminium, Steel, and M.S
  •   Any type of topcoat is suitable.
  •   Unaffected by Oil & Grease.
  •   Fast drying

Properties :

  •   It can withstand up to 400o C.

  •   Fast drying at room temperature or low temperature baking.

  •   Phosphating and Chromate rinsing can be eliminated in pretreatment.

  •   One year shelf life
2K etch primer

Etch Primers : Uses & Application areas

Used in various industries & various commercial sectors.

  • Used to provide adhesion to the various metal surfacesequipment's.

  • Etch primers used for storage Tanks, Ships, Airplanes, Bridges, Damb locks, Agricultural equipment's.

  • It is also applied in all cases where paint coating require weathering, seawater resistance

  • We manufacture different types of primer paints, coats & thinners that include :

    We pffer various types of industrial paints & thinner that include acetone, alcohol, lacquer thinner, turpentine, mineral spirits, and toluene as well as different kind of general & speciality thinners ranges like GP thinner, CR thinner, PU thinner, QD thinner, Etch primer thinner, Universal thinner, Special thinner, Powder Coating thinner, NC Thinner, Flushing Thinners, Epoxy Thinner, NC Thinner Polyurethane Aromatic Paint, Protective Coatings Polyurethane Paint, PU White Matt, Pu Matt Exterior, Epoxy Polyurethane Paints, PU Car Paint, Polyurethane Waterproof Paint, Polyrethane Acrylic Aliphatic Paint, Polyurethane Enamel Paint, Polyurethane Floor Paint, Polyurethane Clear Paints, Chemical Resistant Polyurethane Coating Paint, PU Colors Interior Paint, Aromatic Polyurethane Paint etc. as per clients need.

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