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We are renowned for providing Micaceous Iron Oxide (MIO) Primer Paints solvent based protective coating

Established in 1992, Zigma Paints (P) Ltd. has carved out a name for itself in the list of top suppliers of all types of thinners, coatings & paints in India. We are ranked among reliable manufacturer, distributor and supplier of pure quality MIO Primer paints in Nashik, India.

Zigma Paints (P) Ltd. We have been involved in manufacturing and offering high quality products of intermediate and top coat MIO primer for the steel structures used in coatings to protect structural steel for many years.

MIO primer paints & coatings

High Quality MIO Primer Paints :

To meet the ever-changing demands of our valued customers, we are bringing forth the promised quality MIO primer named as a 0325 Zigmalac® epoxy HB MIO 2K coating. MIO primer paints provide structural steel protection by incorporating flakes that act as fish scales into the formula. Due to the formation-like proportions, the steel is protected by a luminous barrier that protects it from water penetration, UV light and steel surface degradation. As standard, the natural color of MIO pigment is a dark, charcoal gray.

MIO primer paint is a highly durable protective coating paint based on mycelial iron oxide, a highly hard lamellar pigment. This high efficiency coating is resistant to mild chemical dust attack, atmospheric pollution and high humidity. It can be overcoated with alkyd based finish or left without corners. This type of paint is an ideal solution for painting steel structures.

Highlights : MIO primer

  •   Epoxy Resin suitably pigmented & Micaceious Iron Oxide
  •   Excellent anti-corrosion
  •   Anti Corrosive.
  •   Reflects the sun’s radiation.
  •   Heat resistance.
  •   Protects against UV rays.
  •   Excellent durability.
  •   Excellent weather resisting and water proofing
  •   Applied by Brush, Roller, Air-less Spray.
  •   Semi gloss & smooth finish.
Micaceous Iron Oxide (MIO) Primer Paints
Micaceous Iron Oxide (MIO) Primer Paints

MIO Primers : Uses & Application areas

Used in various industries & various commercial sectors.

  • MIO primer coatings are designed for high performance in harsh environments such as steel bridges, pipelines, chemical plants, oil rigs, water proofing areas, coastal installations, ship bottom and offshore environments etc.

  • Due to the formation-like proportions, the steel is protected by a luminous barrier that protects it from water penetration, ultraviolet light and steel surface degradation.

  • It is also applied in all cases where paint coating require weathering, seawater resistance.

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