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Zigma Paints (P) Ltd. We have been involved in manufacturing and offering high quality zinc phosphate primer products are also available in other types such as green zinc phosphate, zinc phosphate yellow primers. Our Zinc Phosphate Primers is a fast drying, high build, modified alkyd rust inhibiting metal primer. It is recommended to do bare metal priming with maximum adhesion of bare aluminum and steel zigmas zinc phosphate primers. Zinc phosphate metal primer has excellent adhesion properties and also has a lot of corrosion resistance. These primers provide maximum bonding to bare aluminum and steel. Zigmas Primers has been in the industry for many years.

Zigma is a pioneer in the paint industry, we offer zinc phosphate primer made in India. Established in 1992, Zigma Paints (P) Ltd. has carved out a name for itself in the list of top suppliers of zinc rich chromate paint, primers, paints & coating solutions in India. The supplying company is based in Nashik, Maharashtra and is one of the sellers of listed products for many years.

Zinc chromate primers paints

High Quality Zinc Chromate Primer Paints

Zigma's Zinc Phosphate Primer is a matte, fills primer based on zinc phosphate. The quick-drying primer provides protection from rust on white iron and steel, making it suitable for use in manufacturing and construction activities. Zinc phosphate primer adheres to zinc, aluminum, non-ferrous metals and old painted surfaces. Heat resistant up to 120C

Let us know the about zinc chromate primers solutions

Now days in paint industry, the Zinc Chromate does not refer to a paint color, but rather a protective coating. Zinc Chromate is a corrosion resistant agent that is added to specific coatings. Chromate finishes contain Zinc Chromate provide superior corrosion resistance. Also, Zinc Chromate is highly toxic and harmful in this manner protecting the surface from proliferation of organic matter.

The zinc chromate treatment is absolute prepaint treatment for aluminium. Degreasing the zinc chromate to remove oily soils and paint over it. There’s no requirement for a wash primer. Wash primers, particularly the corrosive initiated type, are considered pretreatments and should be applied directly to bare metal.

Zinc Chromate Primers/ Red oxide zinc chromate primers/ Red oxide metal primers is a premium-grade, high solid primer that not only acts as an effective rust preventative on steel and iron substrates but should be viewed as an integral component of a corrosion resistant coating system on metal in a industrial environment. It is a rust-inhibiting Red Oxide Primer that is easy to spray and fast-setting. Zinc Chromate Primer is based on a zinc chromate-ferric oxide anti-corrosion marine coating system. This highly effective zinc primer binds rust to metal sealing out rust causing air and moisture. It is intended for use as a protective metal primer for new or rusted surfaces. It is zinc rich and contains a balanced composition of special pigments and phenolic modified resin providing good rust-inhibitive properties and blister resistance for better adhesion and metal protection.

Red oxide zinc chromate primers

Zinc chromate primers : Scope of Application

The main use of zinc chromate primers is as a coating on iron or aluminum materials in industrial painting. It was widely used in aircraft. It is also used in a variety of paint coatings for the aerospace and automotive industries.

It was used as a rust-resistant agent, first in commercial aircraft, and later in aluminum alloy parts in the military. Zinc chromate is also used in spray paints, artists’ paints, pigments in varnishes, and in making linoleum.

For shop coating or field priming structural and various steels. Intended for brush or spray application.

We manufacture different types of zinc chromate primer paints solutions that include :

Zinc chromates made by zigma paints come in two basic forms: red oxide zinc chromate primers & red oxide metal primers for protective coating. We also offer the following paints to our numerous customers : Polyurethane Aromatic Paint, Protective Coatings Polyurethane Paint, PU White Matt, Pu Matt Exterior, Epoxy Polyurethane Paints, PU Car Paint, Polyurethane Waterproof Paint, Polyrethane Acrylic Aliphatic Paint, Polyurethane Enamel Paint, Polyurethane Floor Paint, Polyurethane Clear Paints, Chemical Resistant Polyurethane Coating Paint, PU Colors Interior Paint, Aromatic Polyurethane Paint etc. as per clients need.

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