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Launched in 1998, Zigma Paints (P) Limited, are a manufacturers, traders, distributors and suppliers of highly effective assortment of Speciality Paint, Liquid Painting Thinners, Liquid Paint Clear Coats, Liquid Paint Top Coats, Specialty Chemicals, Powder Paint Pure Polyester, Industrial Paints and Powder Paints, Thinners and Removers. At Nashik (Maharashtra, India) we are able to process our range of products as per the defined standards of quality. We have created a separate quality testing department, where our team of quality controllers conducts rigorous quality inspections at every stage of the process on parameters such as accuracy, design and quality. Our state-of-the-art processing department helps us to meet the large requirements of our customers in a timely manner. We have highly experienced purchasing agents, product managers, quality controllers, administrative experts, logistics staff, shopkeepers and sales and marketing representatives.

Over the years, Zigma has established itself as a successful manufacturer of paints chemicals, focusing on paints and coatings products and specialty chemicals. We always place strong emphasis on research and development, develop advanced proprietary process development methods, and rely on our QMS production facility to deliver products of high quality standards on your factory floor. Our ‘Quality Gate’ owns the material suppliers and is solely responsible for the quality and features.

Our adherence to strict production process ensures that you get high quality raw materials for your products. You can trust Zigma as a reliable partner, who will be able to support your long-term goals.

We are an industrial paint suppliers offering a wide range of Speciality Chemicals Paint shades matched to international and national standards like RAL, Pantone, IS and also ZIGMA standard shades.

zigma speciality chemical paint
Top Coats

0101 Zigmalac®   super enamel
0102 Zigmalac®   super QD
0103 Zigmalac®   max enamel
0105 Zigmalac®   road marking paint
0135 Zigmalac®   synthetic selfpriming enamel
0150 Zigmalac®   2K aluminium paint
0155 Zigmalac®   1K HBSP aluminium
0161 Zigmalac®   hammertone
0170 Zigmalac®   semi glossy finish
0180 Zigmalac®   matt finish
0200 Zigmalac®   super stoving
0261 Zigmalac®   GP enamel
0900 Zigmalac®   QD finish
0935 Zigmalac®   QD selfpriming finish
5006 Zigmalac®   industrial enamel AD / Stoving

0301 Zigmalac®   epoxy 2K finish
0360 Zigmalac®   epoxy 1K finish
0311 Zigmalac®   epoxy 2K paint
0335 Zigmalac®   2K epoxy selfpriming
0305 Zigmalac®   2K coaltar epoxy
0355 Zigmalac®   2K epoxy aluminium
1109 Zigmalac®   thinner P001
0385 Zigmalac®   1K epoxy aluminium

0625 Zigmalac®   HR aluminium 250
0630 Zigmalac®   HR black 250
0640 Zigmalac®   HR aluminium 400
0645 Zigmalac®   HR black 400
0650 Zigmalac®   HR aluminium 600
0655 Zigmalac®   HR black 600

0550 Zigmalac®   PU 2K finish
0530 Zigmalac®   PU 2K paint
0590 Zigmalac®   PU 2K paint
0535 Zigmalac®   PU 2K selfpriming finish
0555 Zigmalac®   PU 2K aluminium
0545 Zigmalac®   PU 2K selfpriming finish
0596 Zigmalac®   PU 2K selfpriming paint

0401 Zigmalac®   CR finish
0700 Zigmalac®   VFD paint
1000 Zigmalac®   TPA finish
Base Coats

0112 Zigmalac®   Zinc Chrome primer
0113 Zigmalac®   Zinc Phosphate primer
0114 Zigmalac®   primer surfacer
0115 Zigmalac®   Red Oxide Metal Primer
0116 Zigmalac®   Red Oxide Zinc Chrome primer
0120 Zigmalac®   MIO primer
0913 Zigmalac®   QD Zinc Phosphate primer
0916 Zigmalac®   QD Red Oxide Zinc Chrome primer
0214 Zigmalac®   MLPS

0315 Zigmalac®   epoxy HB Red Oxide 2K primer
0316 Zigmalac®   epoxy HB Red Oxide Zinc Chrome 2K primer
0318 Zigmalac®   epoxy HB Zinc Phosphate 2K primer
0319 Zigmalac®   epoxy 2K Zinc Rich primer
0324 Zigmalac®   epoxy HB Zinc Chrome 2K primer
0327 Zigmalac®   epoxy HB Zinc Phosphate 2K primer
0382 Zigmalac®   epoxy 2K Hot Oil Resisting Primer
0325 Zigmalac®   epoxy HB MIO 2K coating
0369 Zigmalac®   epoxy 1K1C Zinc Phosphate primer
0374 Zigmalac®   epoxy 1K Red Oxide Zinc Chrome primer
0375 Zigmalac®   epoxy 1K Zinc Rich primer

0518 Zigmalac®   PU 2K HB ZP primer
0598 Zigmalac®   PU 2K HB ZP primer

0271 Zigmalac®   2K etch primer
0273 Zigmalac®   hot oil primer
0465 Zigmalac®   CR HB ZP primer
0466 Zigmalac®   CR HB MIO Primer
0713 Zigmalac®   VFD Zinc Phosphate Primer
1113 Zigmalac®   TPA Zinc Phosphate Primer

1102 Zigmalac®   GP thinner G001
1103 Zigmalac®   Stoving thinner S001
1105 Zigmalac®   NC thinner N001
1106 Zigmalac®   NC thinner N002
1107 Zigmalac®   CR thinner C001
1108 Zigmalac®   Epoxy thinner E001
1109 Zigmalac®   PU thinner P001
1110 Zigmalac®   QD thinner Q001
1111 Zigmalac®   Etch primer thinner H001
1202 Zigmalac®   Universal thinner U001
1210 Zigmalac®   Special thinner SPL1

1118 Zigmalac®   Flushing Thinner F001
1205 Zigmalac®   Powder Coating thinner PC01
zigma speciality paint & chemicals

5025 Zigmacoat®   EP GP matt
5065 Zigmacoat®   EP GP SG
6025 Zigmacoat®   EP Eco matt
6065 Zigmacoat®   EP Eco SG
6085 Zigmacoat®   EP Eco glossy
6200 Zigmacoat®   EP Eco structure
6400 Zigmacoat®   EP Eco texture
7025 Zigmacoat®   EP matt
7045 Zigmacoat®   EP satin
7065 Zigmacoat®   EP SG
7085 Zigmacoat®   EP glossy
7095 Zigmacoat®   EP hi gloss
7200 Zigmacoat®   EP structure
7400 Zigmacoat®   EP texture
7600 Zigmacoat®   EP metallic

8025 Zigmacoat®   PP matt
8045 Zigmacoat®   PP satin
8065 Zigmacoat®   PP SG
8085 Zigmacoat®   PP glossy
8200 Zigmacoat®   PP structure
8400 Zigmacoat®   PP texture
8600 Zigmacoat®   PP metallic

9005 Zigmacoat®   PE dead matt

We manufacture different types of Industrial Paints & Coats that include :

We are an industrial paint suppliers offering a wide range of Protective Coatings Polyurethane Paint, Pu Matt Exterior, Pure polyester powder, Chemical Resistant Polyurethane Coating Paint, epoxy coating powder, Powder Coating , DDP solutions, specialty chemicals, Pure polyester powder coating, Epoxy polyester powder, liquid paint, CR Primers, Zinc Rich Primer, Zinc Chromate Primers, Zinc phosphate primers, Flushing thinners, GP thinner, Etch Primer, Road Marking Paints, Pure polyester powder coating, QD Primers, Heat Resistant Paints , Aluminium Paints, MIO Primer, etc. shades matched to international and national standards like RAL, Pantone, IS and also ZIGMA standard shades as per clients need.

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