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Established in 1992, Zigma Paints (P) Ltd. has carved out a name for itself in the list of top suppliers of all types of thinners, coatings & paints in India. We are ranked among reliable manufacturer, distributor and supplier of pure quality road marking paints in Nashik, India.

Zigma Paints (P) Ltd. We have been involved in manufacturing and offering high quality products of thermoplastic road marking paints, hot melt road markings, cycle track paints, suntrak cold road marking paint for many years. We offer a wide range of road line marking paints available in a wide range of colors. In addition, we also provide a variety of line marking tapes that are specifically designed for use on asphalt, tarmac and concrete hard surfaces.

Road Marking Paints

High Quality Road Marking Paints :

To meet the ever-changing demands of our valued customers, we are bringing forth the promised quality road marking paints. Our water-based Zigmalac® paint used for road marking is high performance, rapid drying, matte and anti-slip which makes it ideal for airfield runways, shopping malls, sports courts and race tracks, which should not be broken by foreign objects on the surface. Its wide range of colors makes it a great choice for car parks, road Ssigns, shipping ports, sports surfaces, block paving surfaces, school sports grounds, warehouses and transportation yards. It is more environmentally friendly than other options and has excellent safety properties.

Features : Road Marking Paint

  •   Rapid Drying
  •   Matte paint with strong adherence
  •   High durability against friction & its color
  •   Wide range of colours
  •   Anti-slip & Skid resistance
  •   Easy to use
  •   Reflection in daylight or street light
  •   Long shelf life
Road Line Marking Paints
Road Marking Paints

Application areas : Road Marking Paints

  • zigma provides your numerous customers with thermoplastic road marking and hard surface line marking paints are suitable for use on highway lane lines, parking marking lines, edge lines, double yellow lines and center lines, as well as are suitable for applying signs, logos and parking space signs.

  • These road marking paints products also give you the opportunity to paint hard surface playgrounds, shopping malls parking lots, sports courts, cricket courts as well as various signs of the sports pitch.

  • Following uses of Road Marking Paints in various public and commercial sectors

  • Road Signs :
    Lines and signs on the road to show the alignment of the roads. Theoretically these are reflective so that you can follow the roads clearly and safely even at night.
    Road signs also indicate the number of lanes on the road, where you can overtake other vehicles, which is the lane used for driving, and where you should stop for signs or other traffic signals.
    Road signs are basically four major types of sensor lines, edge lines, cross walks and sidewalk messages.

  • Center lines :
    These lines are in the middle of the road to separate the traffic going in the opposite direction.
    Broken lines are used where there is no restriction on overtaking, in areas where there are no restrictions on overtaking; a solid line is painted along the side of the broken line.
    If you have a solid line along the center line, you can't overtake.
    Traffic in both directions is strictly prohibited if marked in the middle by double concrete lines.

  • Edge Lines :
    These are solid lines along the road. They indicate where the edge is and can also be used as a traffic guide.
    An edge line that slants towards the center of the road indicates that the road has narrowed further.
    A line can only be crossed due to traffic passing over the shoulder of the road.

  • Cross walk :
    White solid lines across the road are usually used to indicate the crosswalk of a pedestrian at an intersection or to stop for a pedestrian at a crosswalk.
    A low white line across the road, usually at a crossroads, indicating where you should stop for the Jive Wave sign stop sign or the red traffic light signal.

  • Paving message :
    These are messages or signs that are written or painted on the road pavement to warn of the next situation.

  • Diagonal :
    These are painted on the road for protection, to separate traffic or to prevent traffic from turning left.
    Do not drive in this area if you can avoid doing so.

  • Zebra Lines :
    It is used to indicate where pedestrian crossings can cross. We should stop at the sidewalks of those who have stepped on the lines.
    Pedestrian paths were evident in the traffic lanes.
    Road marking paint is a solvent based primer, designed for the priming of concrete surfaces for the application of thermoplastic road. marking paints and other coating materials. It is easy to apply a bond to the concrete surface. They act as bond breakers and make cleaners that remove voids, defects, concrete build-up and mortar, and provide fairly finished concrete. Nowadays road marking paints are used to mark stripes on the road. These paints are used to mark lanes on roads and highways.

  • We manufacture different types of primer paints, coats & thinners that include :

    If you are looking for high quality line marking paint or road marking paint and coating product then we have the required paints available at Zigma at affordable prices. We ensure that we provide only the highest performing road marking paint products for our customers to use. As well as we offer different kind of general & speciality thinners ranges like GP thinner, CR thinner, PU thinner, QD thinner, Etch primer thinner, Universal thinner, Special thinner, Powder Coating thinner, NC Thinner, Flushing Thinners, Epoxy Thinner, NC Thinner Polyurethane Aromatic Paint, Protective Coatings Polyurethane Paint, PU White Matt, Pu Matt Exterior, Epoxy Polyurethane Paints, PU Car Paint, Polyurethane Waterproof Paint, Polyrethane Acrylic Aliphatic Paint, Polyurethane Enamel Paint, Polyurethane Floor Paint, Polyurethane Clear Paints, Chemical Resistant Polyurethane Coating Paint, PU Colors Interior Paint, Aromatic Polyurethane Paint etc. as per clients need.

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